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Zohara Our Story 1

Growing up, starting a family and having a business on the North Coast I can easily say I am influenced by the beauty around me. In 2016 the Zohara brand was launched, our passion is affordable luxury as well as having a unique narrative. Zohara brings you authentically Northern Irish designs inspired by our stunning coastline and landscapes.

Our coastal surroundings really play apart of our colour palettes- rich blues and navy of the breath-taking Atlantic Ocean, warm stony tans and greys, sky pinks, forest greens. All collections are named after locations, landscapes and nature that surround us in our everyday lives. Six collections later and all this still inspires us.

Zohara Our Story 2

Our bags are designed to be modern and stylish; however being an on-the-go woman myself, I knew it was important they have fantastic interior organisation and features to suit the day-to-day lives of all types of people – the student, the businesswoman and the mum. As the weather in Northern Ireland can be unpredictable, we like to keep our bags tran-seasonal and focus on what inspires the design and colours rather than what season they should fall.

Zohara Our Story 3

Zohara was created for all women – for women who multitask without thinking, and for women who want to celebrate every day with an element of luxury in their daily attire. We are lucky to have many women who have become part of the Zohara family, and over 100 stockists in UK, ROI, and mainland Europe. We love that we can provide a little bit of Northern Irish beauty in their everyday lives.

Zohara Our Story 4

We are are proud to be from Northern Ireland and consider ourselves as ambassadors for all the wonderful companies that are based here, there is a wealth of creative talent and we are proud to be a part of the fashion industry here- we are really lucky to have such fantastic inspiration on our doorstep.

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