1. Meet… The Glenada

    Meet… The Glenada



    We at Zohara are all about carrying classic shapes and designs through the seasons, but also reinventing styles to suit the modern powerhouse woman and her lifestyle. Our Glenada does all of this and more. The concept began when we created a two-tone leather crossbody bag, better known as ‘The Chelsea’ in previous collections. We took this favourite and refined it into the suede and leather dream, that is now The Glenada. Watch our video above to hear all about the histor

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  2. Meeting Christina Campbell

    Meeting Christina Campbell

    Spring really is full swing and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and really make the most of our beautiful surroundings with a super cool and casual collaboration with influencer Christina Campbell.

    We also were super fortunate to be able to work alongside some amazing local businesses and people and have had an all round brilliant day filled with photos, chats and beautiful scenery.

    It’s a known fact that we, in Northern Ireland, have some amazing local businesses, companies and people that all share the same passion for where they live and what they do...

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  3. Where it all began

    Where it all began

    We can’t quite believe April is upon us and 2019 is in full swing, we have many exciting projects coming up this year and to start these projects, we’ve launched our new blog!

    This is going to be the go-to place to get your staple styles, behind the scenes footage from shoots or events, chats with bloggers and just somewhere for us to give you a little something extra with your Zohara experience.

    But for now, we’re going to throw it way back to where it all began…

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